Zirconium (Zr) Flanges

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 Zirconium has extraordinary corrosion resistance. Due to the reduced manufacturing cost for zirconium products in recent years, demand for zirconium flanges and other pipe fittings are growing. Future Metal is producing zirconium flanges with mature process and we can provide quick response for both in stock and custom manufacturing.


Available Material

Pure Zirconium Zr702/R60702 (>99.2 Zr+Hf)

Zirconium alloy Zr705/ R60705


Type of flanges and dimensions

Weld Neck Zirconium flange (Metric/Imperial)

Socket Weld Zirconium flange (Metric/Imperial)

Zirconium Slip-on Zirconium flange (Metric/Imperial)

Zirconium Blind flange (Metric/Imperial)

Zirconium Lap Joint Flange (Metric/Imperial)



Chinese GB, ASTM B493/ ASME SB493

Mill Test Report (MTR/COA)

Physical analysis for zirconium R60702 sheet/plate

Chemical composition for zirconium R60702