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Chinese as fruitful in titanium titanium Valley

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April 26th afternoon, our city held the 2017 China titanium zirconium hafnium annual meeting and popularization and application Summit Forum, Baoji China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Fair results conference. Reporters learned from the meeting, during the titanium Expo, around Baoji • China Titanium valley construction, a total of more than 100 projects, involving about 30000000000 yuan investment, centralized contract projects 35, the total amount of 10 billion 860 million yuan.

This topic is "new era, new materials, new applications" titanium Expo, China titanium zirconium hafnium annual meeting, academicians report, Summit Forum, project promotion contract, Expo, visit and other 12 key activities. The exhibition covers a total area of 14000 square meters, 140 exhibitors, an increase of 19 than in 2015, including the United States, Germany, Italy and other foreign exhibitors 10. Titanium fair period, more than 10 foreign enterprises and more than 20 domestic provinces and cities of the more than 500 companies and the group visited the Expo, also attracted more than 50 in the province, the mainstream media and well-known foreign media coverage of the event. According to statistics, as of 12 a.m. this morning, the cumulative number of visitors to the titanium Expo amounted to more than 3 people. The successful exhibition of titanium Expo fully demonstrated the development effect of Baoji China Titanium Valley in recent years, showing the achievements of the city building the most happiness city.